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Comodo One RMM Review

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What: MSP remote monitoring & management suite

Impressions: super slow, RDP is horrendously unreliable and slow to connect with, but once connected it isn’t too laggy.
issue with the rdp client is that the hosts don’t reliably show up at all, and loading the rdp client takes 5-10 minutes. lots of remote management modules to run, looked mostly like powershell and python scripts.
entire C1 ui is a little slow so running those scripts does not seem great, and there are multiple versions of each script with identical title, yet different methods. some work, some don’t, better rename them all.
said modules can be used to perform GPO-like local mgmt. a power management module destroyed my laptop battery.

C1 also comes with a bunch of different solutions such as HelpDesk, contract mgmt and whatnot, but it’s all equally crappy, some real “only in the hood” feel. also, all the modules and features i’ve just mentioned are not actually free, they are simply on a 12mo trial. no idea what is even available beyond that 12mo trial.

Result: abandoned out of frustration

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