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Homelab Updates and Notes

  • Added 50GB disk space to Splunk Host VM in Proxmox
  • Tried to remove 50GB disk space from Splunk Host VM
  • Noted that I couldn’t, without very annoying work-arounds
  • Noted that Splunk was nearing daily search allowance already
  • Tore down Splunk Host
  • Built Ubuntu Server VM in Proxmox
  • Built Windows Server VM in Proxmox

    Macbook Updates and Notes

  • Smallest kid needs a Roblox Host
  • Current Macbook is currently a Kali host
  • Another Lenovo X250 is running windows, has better resources
  • If can turn Macbook back into a Mac, kid can use for Roblox
  • Then Lenovo X250 can become new Kali host

Ubuntu Server VM Plans

  • Build out LAN DNS Server - Needs Scoping
  • Build out Remotely RMM Server - Pending
  • Build out some SIEM-like App - Needs Scoping

Windows Server VM Plans

  • Run Disassembler0’s Win10Setup Powershell Scripts - Completed
  • Build out PRTG Network Monitor - Completed
  • Build out devices and SNMP Polling - Completed
  • Build out network topology map - Completed


  • Ubuntu Server - Build Remotely Server
  • Homelab and LAN - Install/Test Remotely Agents
  • Ubuntu Server - Scope out DNS Options vs Future PFSense DNS
  • Ubuntu Server - Scope out SIEM-like App vs Future PFSense Install

Final Notes

Future homelab now depends on obtaining another Lenovo M73, maxing out it’s spec’s, installing Proxmox, and clustering it with the Master Proxmox Node.
I can then install Metasploit and a couple other vulnerable VMs on it.
End goal is still to have a small farm of vulnerable VMs to poke on.

Homelab, Proxmox, PRTG, Ubuntu
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