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My homelab needs to lose weight.

I own one Lenovo m73 Tiny. It has been my ESXi hypervisor, as it is…tiny.
So four of them would be…not huge.
I would like a whole farm of hypervisors, managed from a single dashboard.
The only cheap way to do this is to migrate away from ESXi and move toward Proxmox.
Ok, bet.

I installed a fresh SSD in my already existing Lenovo m73, and installed Proxmox on it.
Installation was simple and self-explanatory.
I then uploaded Ubuntu Server into the Host, and created an Ubuntu Server VM.
I installed Ubuntu Server on the VM, then installed Splunk on it, integrated that with my Watchguard Firewall and POOF, now I have a dashboard for monitoring attacks.

Eventually, I would like to own 4 of these quad-core, 16GB, 128GB SSD Lenovo m73 Tiny’s, splayed flat across 2U of rack space.
These little guys will give me space for 12 VMs total, which can be whatever I want them to be. They’re going to be vulnerable servers.
I can even spin up a bunch of vulnerable VMs and have them send syslog messages to the Splunk server.
Now I need to actually learn some Splunk.

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