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The holidays are upon us, and thusly so is Cisco’s holiday shutdown.
During which, I am at home with some kids, my hobbies, and time.
I know that we will all be making minor changes to our homelabs during this shutdown, here are my current set of options:

  • Recable Homelab Rack
  • Try to cop more Tiny Lenovos on Ebay
  • Create firewall rules to devestate my children
  • Play with Packet Squirrel
  • Install Hak5 C2 in my Droplet
  • Play more Tryhackme, either Advent of Cyber or Jr Pentester Path

I have already discovered the lan IPs of my children and created a firewall rule in my T30 to shut down their internet between 11pm CST and 7am CST.
The steps to achieve this were as follows:

  • Nmap scan my network with -O flag
  • Paste list of possible Windows hosts into notepad
  • Log into Unifi Controller, view Wifi Clients
  • Cross reference the high Wifi data against the list of Windows hosts
  • Take those two little buggers that are obviously the kids on youtube
  • Log into Watchguard T30, create rule by custom schedule to block all traffic from ipv4{kidA,kidB} to any{external}
  • Watchguard’s policy auto-order put this rule BELOW the http proxy allow rules. So I had to re-order it above the other http policies
  • Confirm over an evening that the kids are complaining. Rule works.
    I kind of want to play with Watchguard’s Proxy Content Actions to see if I can block specific pages to annoy them, like highly targetted roblox and youtube pages. I could set those to schedules, too, and customize the proxy block page to something like “The FBI has detected that you have downloaded a virus” to see how they react.
    I have plenty of other holiday stuff to accomplish, and Cisco’s shutdown is only 2wks long, so we’ll see how far I get with this pet project.

Happy Holidays all, whether you identify as a holiday or not!

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