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Installing the Hak5 Command Control Server

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“Order” the C2 binary from the Hak5 shop, so that you can receive your Community Key via email

Download and Transfer to your Webserver:
Download the binary at

Now scp that file over to your webserver:
Install Putty if you haven’t yet
Navigate to your Putty.exe folder
Click the Explorer’s Navbar, type in CMD, press enter (This just opens a cmd shell at that folder)

pscp -scp yourubuntuuser@ubuntuIP:/target/path/

Install it:
Access your webserver (via console or SSH)
cd to the binary’s directory
mkdir a new c2 binary directory
mv the zipped binary into that directory
cd into that directory
unzip the c2 binary
execute the binary with ./binaryname -hostname hostnameOrIP
Copy that token that comes up
Elsewhere on your network, navigate to that webserver’s hostname:8080
You should now be at the C2 Setup Web Page
Enter your Token from the install script, and your License from the download email
Finish editing in info, then click Complete
Log in
Go to Menu > Settings > Account > Theme
Change it to Dark theme, you are not a psychopath
Go to Menu > Settings > Server > Loot Collection Limit
Change it to suite your webserver storage

That’s it, you’re done.
You can now start adding devices.

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