CyberOps 200-201 Notes

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Executive Summary

I’m takin’ notes and dumping them randomly!

I’m studying the Cisco CyberOps 200-201 course content and collecting notes as I go.
Feel free to grab them and use them for your own study.
I’m adding to them as I have time to study, so for now it’s a living repo.


  • Exam_Topics_Checklist_Template
  • Links_To_Courses&Training
  • Links_To_ReferenceMaterials

Exam_Topics_Checklist_Template This is a markdown copy of the fabled Exam Objectives, in checklist format.

Links_To_Courses&Training This is a markdown list of courses I’ve found online so far. The O’Rielly’s obviously requires an O’Rielly’s subscription, but the CiscoLearn ones only require a Cisco CCOID. Login and add the courses.

Links_To_ReferenceMaterials This is a running checklist of links I’m finding, as I’m finding them, in the materials I’m studying. They shoudl sufficiently help you round out your notes, documentation, and general pactice test reviews.


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