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TheCyberMentor's Practical Ethical Hacking Course

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I wasn’t sure what to do to further myself after finishing the TryHackme Advent of Cyber course, which ended Dec 25th, 2020.
I took a couple weeks off to absorb the info I’ve gained, and think about the next direction forward.
What I have realized, is that I have many avenues at my disposal.
My options:
eJPT study and test-out
CCNA study and test-out
Python courses
CySA+ study and test-out
TCM Academy PEH study

I’ve decided that since the TCM PEH course typically costs money, and I got access for free, and I will put it off until I forget about it otherwise…
I better knock it out lest I forget and inevitably delay forever.

I’ll dump my notes here, and use it as a lunchpad for re-building my homelab,
using what I learned studying for CySA to also monitor the blue side of the attacks I practice in the course.
The current tentative plan is:
TCM PEH -> Python -> eJPT||CCNA -> eJPT||CCNA -> ??? -> OSCP
Wishing my future self luck in this next endeavor.

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