Future Goals and Paths Revised

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I’ve been looking very seriously at the tools at my disposal for building myself up to tackle the OSCP.
I have been in IT for 2 years now, have grown much more than I expected to in this timeframe.
However, I do not believe that I have enough rote knowledge to off-set the minimum # hours free in the evenings for OSCP, yet.
I have also been looking very seriously at whether or not I should postpone all Infosec certs to get the new CCNA.
I have decided to move forward for now with OSCP prep, considering CCNA as an inferior option.

Previous targets:

  1. Attain better Certs (OSCP I’m looking at you)
  2. Build a BETTER homelab (nice Xmas project)
  3. Code a Project (in Python)
  4. Get into Bug Bounty (link profile to Blog)
  5. Get a Domain Name
  6. Contribute to a Github project
  7. Get to 1 Meetup per Month

Previous plan:
A. Finishing Tryhackme’s Advent of Cyber event (Done, no OSCP voucher won)
B. Build out a more complete Homelab SOC (In Progress)
C. Start working toward Bug Bounty and local Infosec Meetups (In Progress)
D. Focus time toward Python (In Progress)

Revised plan:
While doing HTB on the weekends, {
While looking for monthly meetups{
While working on automating scanning processes with Python{
A. Complete TCM Academy Practical Ethical Hacker course (In Progress)
B. Complete INE eJPT course, earn cert
C. Complete ItProTv Comptia Pentest+ course
D. Revise plan again with INE ePTP->OSCP in mind

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