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Hello, I’d like to make an announcement.
Since 2015, I have been gathering information from various sources on what exactly I could do with my life, and how exactly I might succeed in doing it.
I decided to get into Digital Security, ie. Cyber Security, Infosec. It appears to mesh well with my personal assets and liabilities as a human being.

So I have gleaned some suggestions over the years which stick out in my mind from two sources:
Source A - Joseph McCray
Source B - Daniel Miessler

Source A, in a number of podcasts and talks, has provided the following nudges and below is my progress thus far:
Get some certs - Incomplete (net+, sec+, ceh, still need more/better certs)
Build a homelab - Incomplete (needs more VM and more SIEM)
Build a Snort box - Done
Learn a Language - Incomplete (know basic C++ but need to KNOW Python)
Build a blog - Incomplete (built, needs Domain and integrations)
Get involved in the Community - Pending
Contribute to Projects - Pending

Source B, in a blog, has provided a similar list and below is my progress thus far:
Education - Incomplete (need to finish a cybersec degree)
Building Your Lab - Incomplete (but Firewall Done)
You Are Your Projects - Pending
Practicing with Bounties - Pending
Have a Presence - Incomplete (built, needs Domain name and integrations)
On Certifications - Incomplete (still need more/better certs)
Making Contributions - Pending
Networking With Others - Pending
Conferences - Pending

And thus, the list hath been generated. The things I need to work on, according to these two lists, are as follows:

  1. Attain better Certs (OSCP I’m looking at you)
  2. Build a BETTER homelab (nice Xmas project)
  3. Code a Project (in Python)
  4. Get into Bug Bounty (link profile to Blog)
  5. Get a Domain Name
  6. Contribute to a Github project
  7. Get to 1 Meetup per Month

What I’m doing next:
A. Finishing Tryhackme’s Advent of Cyber event (C’mon OSCP Voucher!!)
B. Build out a more complete Homelab SOC
C. Start working toward Bug Bounty and local Infosec Meetups
D. Focus time toward Python

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