New Goals and Declarations

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It’s time for me to re-commit to study and make a conscious decision to grow in one specific way.

Past Progress

  1. Got first IT job (IT Admin), learned on the job
  2. Earned Cert - Network+
  3. Studied for NetworkDefender
  4. Studied for CCNA
  5. Earned Cert - CCENT
  6. Earned Cert - Security+
  7. Got second IT job (MSP Helpdesk and Projects), learned on the job
  8. Earned Cert - CEH
  9. Started rooting HackTheBox machines
  10. Starting doing TryHackMe rooms
  11. Studied for CySA+
  12. Studied for eJPT
  13. Got third IT job (Cloud Email Security SME), learned on the job
  14. Studied for CyberOps

And I’ve been learning, studying, homelabbing all sorts of weird stuff in between.
So here I am in the present. What next step do I take for the future? My end goal is getting OSCP.
I don’t want to be a Network Engineer or a SOC Analyst, so CCNA, CySA, and CyberOps certifications themselves won’t support the end goal.
But eJPT would. So what’s the next step?

Next Step:

  1. Earn Cert eJPT
  2. Possibly Earn Cert - PenTest+ (to renew prev CompTIA certs)
  3. Start in on direct OSCP study???

So that’s what’s next. Studying for eJPT.
I’ve started building notes at and will likely point a subdomain to that and use it as my long-term notes.
Maybe at, or, I don’t know. That’s to figure out later.
Right now I need to re-assess my homelife schedule and figure out how/when to work in a dedicated study routing again.

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