Operation Dropship, Phase 4 - Hibernation

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TLDR: Spent 3mo obsessively researching and testing dropshipping, then stopped completely to defrag my brain and plans.

Shiny Object Syndrome

You know how, as an IT professional, we are all learning automation?
You know how, while learning automation, we are all learning python?
You know how, while learning python, we start all these projects?
You know how, while starting all these projects, we never finish them, but instead start new projects?
You know how we end up with more unfinished projects than finished projects, perpetually starting and not finishing for the rest of our lives?
Yeah that’s what I did with the Dropshipping campaign.
I’m taking all of September to practice abstaining from researching dropshipping, to allow my brain to reset, and hopefully gently let go of the tight grip my brain has on how it wants a store to be.

Shiny Object vs Dirty Object

AKA broken functions and try-if statements.
I started the store with tech stuff in mind.
This led me to finding out what was actually available to dropship.
I then changed it to EDC stuff as a niche market.
I then started running ads to gather data on engagement.
From the ad engagement I learned that my sticker prices are too high for the market.
Basically, the wall I ran into is this:
My products are either


These concrete findings gave me pause, because as an on-the-spectrum IT professional, I do not work well with gray areas.
I don’t want to sell inferior products, and I don’t want to list non-selling good products.
Most of the dropshipping products available are pretty mediocre at best, like USB 1.0 flash drives and wallets made from faux-leather.
Most products, but not all products.
There are some product areas which are so simple that the best original is still just a stupid piece of plastic, but it doesn’t make sense to maintain an online store just to sell these one-off simple products by themselves.


There are some exceptions to the conundrum I ran into.
I can manufacture a core product that is novel and good, and dropship all the associated swag, stickers, and small crappy items that make sense alongside the core product.
Like Windows 10 and bloatware.
So my next shiny object will probably be:
More on that later, I have to get a CNC machine first.

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