Operation Dropship, Phase 3 - Testing & OODA Loops

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Here is my TL;DR

Made site, put too many things in it.
Made Facebook Business site.
Made Instagram Business site.
Made Facebook Pixel and connected all.
Did test order and recorded the notifications that I vs Customer receive, and how long shipping took.
Spent 2 weeks lern2adverts.
Spent 1 week lern2schedulepost.
Drove traffic to store on shoestring budget, no one bought anything.


Removed most products, kept high quality products only.
Redesigned entire site, dropped the Drop.com stle minimalist white, created dingy darkmode style.
Revamped logo to fit a cyberpunk style.
Ran awareness campaigns.
Drove traffic to Facebook instead of Store.
Set up google analytics.
Set up a chrome extension that measures reputability of ecommerce sites.
Store’s reputability is like, super low. That’s ok I have 1yr to work on it.
Did a lern2videoedit and made some videos to showcase product values.
Ran another ad campaign.
Still no sales.


You know what they say, “crymoar noob.”
So that’s what I’ll do. Cry more.

Current plans are to drop all my current products.
Find different vendors that are !aliexpress and figure out how to dropship them.
I’m targeting a niche audience so I can use my redditor skillz to lern2stereotype.

To be continued…

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