Operation Dropship, Phase 2 Setup

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The more I researched dropshipping, the more I realized that I have to start setting things up to gain specific information about what can and can’t work for me.
To determine a store name, I decided to go the generic route so that later in life I can revamp the entire store or domain name purpose.
I started looking up 2021 slang. Apparently some high school teacher has been curating a spreadsheet of slang definitions as he discovers them.
“Valid” stuck out to me as a generic enough term to make sense, and possibly stick out to kids who end up later remembering “saying ‘valid’ all the time in school.”
As for an actual store name, the best I could do is come up with Valid Group, and shorten it to ValidGRP.
I got the domain for $1/mo and paid for a year up front. Sweet.
I also started making logos in free logo generators online, and quickly found that every single one of them want me to pay to then download the freely generated logos.
So…I generated a logo, then remade it in GIMP, at multiple sizes, with and without transparent backgrounds.
Also, the validgrp.com domain is now valued at $1999. Idk what that means for me, I don’t care all that much, but maybe later it will be important.
I set up a store in Wix.
I linked it to a Modalyst plugin.
The Modalyst free plan has a 25 item limit.
Modalyst items must be sourced from Aliexpress only.
So I got to work selecting items, while narrowing down what type of store I wanted to build based on the type of items actaully available.
I ultimately decided to create an Everyday Carry store, as I can easily surf the r/EDC reddit, look at pocket dump posts, then attempt to source items from pocket dumps.
Then I started watching more youtube videos about dropshipping and a creator mentioned shipping times.
The creator said, offer fast shipping. I checked the items I imported into my store. To offer the items for a competitive price, and use fast shipping, the prices go up exponentially.
Less profit on 25 items = difficult to accept margins. So, I started looking for ways to expand the dropshipping on Wix with more plugins.
There are no more plugins available for dropshipping.

I looked into Shopify again.
Shopify has more dropshipping plugins.
Most of these plugins have a 25 item limit.
If I only use 3 plugins, I triple my potential product offerings.
So I built out a shopify store.
I also noticed that once I’m logged into shopify, I can see that the lowest ecommerce plan is actually cheaper than Wix ($29/mo total).
I have been building out a shopify store, adding plugins, setting up those plugins, then trying to source popular EDC items.
I have been having to import items, categorize them, rewrite the entire product descriptions, then also alter the images to remove ugly watermarks.
This has been a terrible experience.
I should do it some more.
I looked up the psychology of colors and fonts and changed my store’s theme accordingly.
I also linked an instagram business and facebook business pages to a Shopify plugin, so that I can schedule posts in an attempt to automate future marketing pushes for free.
I am currently testing these automations. Some of them have hidden fees which cut into my target goal of !>$/mo. That’s to say the goal is “NOT more money per month.”

TL;DR Making an ecommerce store is a pita.
I am not into sales and marketing so the product descriptions and About page, etc have been a real cringy pain to write out.
There’s a ton of revamping product listings, image editing, etc, per item.
As soon as I “figure it out,” I stumble upon new info which leads me to have to revamp the entire set up.

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