Operation Dropship, Phase 1 Recon

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I’ve been looking into dropshipping and platforms and have discovered the following…

Shopify is the most popular but costs >$60/mo.
Modalyst is not nearly as popular but offers a $0/mo hobby plan for up to 25 in-store items, and can work with Wix.
Wix has an eCommerce business plan for $27/mo.
Obscure .com domains from GoDaddy are $12/yr.
Obscure .io domains from GoDaddy are $60/yr.

Therefore I can potentially start an entire store for $28/mo.

Most dropshippers recommend selling items that can be marked up x3.
Most dropshippers recommend selling items with decent shipping.
Most dropshippers recommend building organic customers via your own topic related social media pages, THEN sprinkling in ads via posts at those accounts.
Most dropshippers recommend including custom descriptions for each item.
Most dropshippers recommend using good images for items.
Most dropshippers recommend using a good logo and clean looking store to gain trust.
Most dropshippers recommend using varying prices so that customers can frown at one price, then shrugbuy a $2 cheaper item.

I think I’m going with Wix, Modalyst, a .com domain, selling EDC items.
All the research I need is in r/EDC, as I can also see what else my buyers would be interested through the pictures they post (ex. lots of guns/holsters/mechanical keyboards/car keys, etc).
I’ll need to figure out how to automate and exploit some sock accounts in social media platforms.
I need to settle on an obscure domain/store name so that I can change core items later without issue.
I think those are my next steps. Buy domain, exploit social media. Then I guess slowly start building out store, logo, launch store.

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