Operation Dropship, 5 Paragraph Order

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Operation Dropship

5 Paragraph Order


I’m building an online store to house things I would have bought years ago.


I have enough income to support an online store.
I have performed recon and identified key components necessary to complete this task.


Build out an online store.
Link it in a few places.
Perform SEO for self-support.


In July, perform the following tasks:
Purchase domain.
Purchase Wix Business account.
Build Wix site.
Link Modalyst account to Wix account.
Finalize initial product listings.
Populate store with products.
Tweak store design.
Go live.


Domain should be a tongue in cheek reference to IT or script kiddies.


Domain ending in .io is $60/yr flat rate.
Domain ending in .com can be as low as $12/yr flat rate.
Wix Business account appears to be $27/mo.
Modalyst hobby account is free.
Website colors should match either personal mechanical keyboard, or the skull graphic I hacked into my car’s touchscreen.

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