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I haven’t posted really since I started my new job last month.
Every day for 8hrs straight I have been studying various aspects of Email Security.
Because of this, I have decided to do a hard stop on evening studying, lest my brain revolt.

After studying in the evenings for years now, making myself perform a hard stop and just enjoy
my evenings has been difficult. As soon as I re-learn to be still, it will be time to re-learn how to get back to the grind.

In this time I have:
-Built a brand new mechanical keyboard.
-Purchased and set up a public domain for this site (
-Secured that domain with SSL, compression, and forwarding instead of masking ( -> https:// ->
-Insisted on re-setting up a lab domain (I feel bad about my esxi host wasting away for days at a time).
I will probably set up masking once I have proven to myself that I am fine with the SSL cert.
I will probably begin migrating this blog into a different third-party hosted website so that I can integrate things.
I will probably post about the keyboard, since I need blog content about at least a few non-cybersecurity things.
I will probably dump a bunch of notes about an email spammer which I have been OSINT-ing for a co-worker.
I SHOULD start pumping out my non-confidential notes as posts.

That’s it, I just wanted to bridge the gap between the flurry of posts, the hard stop (which is now), and the continuing flurry of posts (once I’m comfortable with new worklife balance).

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