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Admin Update

I have been a busy bee for the past few weeks.

  1. New Job: I got a new job in the Cloud Security arena.
  2. Job Transition: I have been frantically wrapping up all tickets and projects at current job.
  3. Home Network: I rapidly built out and progressed through 2 revisions of new home wifi infrastructure.
  4. Homelab: I gained a new network rack and moved my homelab into it.
  5. Training: I finished the mid-course capstone for TCM’s PEH Course.

    General notes from this personal micro-era:

    New Job

    Study like a maniac when beginning interviews for new jobs.
    Specifically look for Position Descriptions from previous job postings, technology mentioned in descriptions, look up official documentation of said technologies, look up how to implement said tech, look up features of said tech, look up fine tuning of said tech.

    Job Transition

    2 weeks is not enough to transition projects.
    3 weeks is still pushing it, unless you are lucky AND it’s 3rd quarter fiscal year.
    GOOD documentation saved me at least 20 additional hours that I was able to then dedicate to on-sites for actually closing out as many tasks as possible.

    Home Network

    Looking up the specific radiowave patterns for these wifi APs was smart. Do that for all APs from now on.
    Deploy, test, then jk ACTUALLY deploy turned out to be a good move for figuring out a solid long-term logical setup.


    Needs more network cables.
    I need an excuse to get more SFF ESXi hosts, but maybe more RPIs == more network cables as well.


    I still have to go through and examine/compare 8 chunks of notes line by line.
    The output of that examination has to then be painstakingly documented into a separate living document.
    I could have planned ahead to do all of that while moving along, and revising living document as needed.

    I’m excited about the new job position and responsibilities.
    I’m excited about learning an entirely new workflow for a new work position.
    I still need to find time to wipe and configure a Cisco ASA. I have no clue how or when I will manage that.

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