June Update

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I’ve picked up clients at work and have been enumerating them and studying their configs.
In the meantime, I am trying to get used to changing gears at home and not studying every night.
I feel myself getting weak.
I think about HackTheBox, and I just mentally shrug.
I look at my hands, and they no longer display the hard calloused fingertips of a sweaty hacker.
They are now the soft, gentle hands of a grown-up who works at Cisco.
What have I become…

So in other news, I HAD been intending to research the hell out of a spam email and make a blog post with my findings, but there is just way too much information and the juice was not worth the squeeze. It’s essentially just compromised email accounts with obfuscated links pointing to compromised cloud servers, which redirect to 404 pages. Lame.
I have also come to the realization that hosting this blog on github is extremely tedious. I might move to another host, since I’ve set up SSL and masking.

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